Label artist membership

Who we’re looking for

We’re looking for like-minded solo artists and bands who are interested in building a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing and are keen to help not only themselves but also other artists get their music out to a wider audience.

If you’re an original singer-songwriter or band and you’re based within the City of Greater Bendigo we’d love to hear from you.

Don’t live in Bendigo?

Don’t worry, there’s still hope! While we aim to primarily recruit and support our Bendigo artists, we recognise the benefits of a diverse community, therefore we support a 20% non Bendigo member quota.

If you’d be interested in becoming a Non-Bendigo Member (NBM) and working with us to establish relationships with venues in Melbourne, Ballarat or Geelong please contact us.

Member benefits

What you get when you become a member

  • A band/artist profile page on the Poppet Head Records website.
  • Access to the Poppet Head Records Discord server:
    A place where you can meet the family, make friends, contact members, collaborate, ask for help and share ideas.
  • Invites to monthly member meet-ups.
  • Free PA hire (pending availability).
  • As many of your singles, EP’s or albums as you’d like on the Poppet Head Records online store.
  • Artist subscription product so your fans can get instant access to every single track you release (via Patreon).
  • Print to order t-shirts and merch on the Poppet Head Records store.
  • Distribution of unlimited singles, EP’s or albums to Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music + many more.
  • Free workshops on Promotion, Social Media, Tax & Legal, Publishing and more throughout the year to help you better manage your music career. (Available to potential members for a fee).
  • Your tracks on our compilation albums.
  • Performances at our member showcase and takeover events.
  • PLUS – Pick up to 5 of your best songs and we’ll shop them around to licensing deals such as in-store over-head radio, compilation deals, TV & Film and more.

We’ll also be hosting several showcase events throughout the year and we will be working with venues and booking agents to find more opportunities for our artists to perform.

We’ll help promote your news and gigs via our website news feedevents pageTwitter account and Facebook page.

And, as a group we can work with venues and service providers to negotiate exclusive deals and benefits for our members.

Membership options start at $5.95 per month or $70 a year

Membership TypeDigital Distribution3Per MonthPer Year
Contributing member1No$5.95$70
Contributing member1Yes$8.95$100
Passive member2No$12.95$150
Passive member2Yes$16.95$200
  1. A ‘Contributing member’ is an actively engaged member who takes part in activities that help grow and promote the label and its services. This includes attending the monthly member meet-ups (in person or via video link), providing feedback, contributing website content, social media content or shared knowledge, writing newsletters, establishing links with other artists, bands, venues & festivals, mentoring other members, writing or submitting grant and funding requests.
  2. A ‘Passive member’ receives the same access to services but does not actively contribute to the growth or day-to-day runnings of the label. Contributing members will endeavour to share and promote your content and activities on your behalf.
  3. ‘Digital Distribution’ refers to the distribution of your music releases to Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music etc. You can still sell your releases via the Poppet Head Records website.