House concerts

Host a Poppet Head Records house concert!

We love house concerts! They’re fun, they’re intimate and they’re a great opportunity for our artists to meet you and your friends and put on a show that you’ll really feel that you’re a part of.

For you and your friends, you’ll love that it’s intimate and private, you’re in a familiar environment, your mates are there and you can bring your own drinks!

Hosting a house concert makes for a fun and exciting twist to a house party and if you’re an artistic type who loves to host an event, you can really go to town and make something quite special.

How does it work?

To host a Poppet Head Records house concert, visit our bookings page and when completing the online form, select the Event Type: “House Concert”.

We’ll review your booking request and if everything looks in order, we’ll set up a Private Event on our Facebook page and make you a co-host so you can invite your peeps.

Depending on how much space you have, this might be 20 people or 100 people but that’s entirely up to you. However we do request a minimum of at least 20 people.

How long does a house concert go for?

That’s entirely up to you but we recommend between 45 mins and an hour and a half for a single artist.

How much do I charge my guests?

20 guests $15ea   |   30 – 40 guests $10ea   |      50 – 100 guests $5ea