$2.95 / month

Every song, every EP, every album. You get it first!

Because Trevor has multiple personalities, when you subscribe to Trevor, you’re subscribing to releases from whichever projects Trevor is actively pursuing that year. This means you could get releases from Trevor Petrie, Inner City Traders, The War of Ideas or maybe even Anti Social Commentary, it’s like a lucky dip!

You also get access to Trevor’s entire back catalogue (all bands listed above) in WAV format and subscriber only live streams and demos.

Every cent goes back to Trevor so he can record more music for you to enjoy.

2.95 /month


Disclaimer: By being part of Poppet Head Records, our artists commit to releasing a studio recording of at least five tracks and a live recording of at least five tracks every year. If they don’t meet their obligations you’ll get a refund at the end of the financial year.
Subscriptions can be cancelled within 14 days unless you have downloaded any artist releases after which you will be billed the balance of the annual total upon cancelling your subscription.


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