10 years on: Anti Social Commentary's lost record from 2008 will be released on August 1, 2018!

May 31, 2018

Ten years ago, a hard drive failure rendered what would have been Anti Social Commentary’s third recording and first full length album, to nothing but a memory in the minds of the four band-mates – Trevor Petrie, Brian Hosking, Andrew Barnes and Steve Myers. With nothing but a handful of pre-production demos remaining, the album was abandoned and the four went on to write and later record, their third EP “It All Starts Again” – which was released in 2013 shortly before the band folded.

Thanks to the recent discovery of a previously unknown export of eight of the ten tracks, Anti Social Commentary are set to release their first record in five years!

When Petrie found the files on an old computer in the garage, he had no idea of the treasures he would discover.

To my surprise and excitement, buried in a folder called “Phoenix” was a long forgotten export of eight of the ten tracks in a very near finished state. – Trevor Petrie

Sadly the session files for the album remain lost, so no major changes to the tracks were able to be made. However a Sunday morning mastering session with Erek at Ladd Studios in Bendigo has given the tracks a little polish.

It’s always haunted me that several songs I consider to be some of my best writing never got to see the light of day. At long last, that’s all about to change! – Trevor Petrie

Some highlights from the album are “Acrobates Pygmaeus” a straight ahead, hard driving song about a Feathertail Glider “Diego” who was rescued by a firefighter during a bushfire, “Entropy” a song which discusses the universal tendency for all things ordered to descend into chaos over time, and “Layers of Separation” which despite sounding as though it’s written about a girl is actually about web publishing.

There is a coherence to this album, a certain sound that can only be achieved by all members of the team understanding not only their part in the songs, but also that of their fellow band members. If you are familiar with Petrie’s work, you may pick up on the youthfulness and clarity of his voice in the recordings, as one would expect, the album also features strong, well developed lyrics and stories. Fans of the band will enjoy the flow and movement as the album takes you on a journey of discovery, helped along by the groove of a rock-solid Hosking-Myers backline and the sweet, emotional touches of guitarist Andrew Barnes.

“Fragments of the Lost Album” will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and Amazon Music on August 1, 2018.