Frank Bell, The Deadly Apple-Johns and Serhiy at The Local

March 15, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – March 16, 2019 @ 12:00 pm Australia/Melbourne Timezone
The Thornbury Local
Frank Bell, The Deadly Apple-Johns and Serhiy at The Local @ The Thornbury Local

Love, death, cowboys and Carlton. The Deadly Apple-Johns

Sometimes a jazz, funk, rhythm and blues ensemble is a little like an old stringybark tree, shedding leaves and bark and branches until all that remains is a dry withered husk of seemingly lifeless trunk that against all odds and expectations blossoms into a lively, formidable but sadly under appreciated guitar/saxophone duo with an intimate knowledge of and passion for the repertoire of the classic Nat Cole Trio.

More often than not that’s where the story ends but on the rarest of occasions a nascent desire for a deeper personal expression awakens, gently strummed acoustic guitars replace the electrified arch-top and heartfelt and impassioned harmony singing replaces the visceral howl of the tenor saxophone. From this artistic chrysalis emerges a new and more beautiful creature ….

The nature of The Deadly Apple-Johns was ….. irrepressible.

Frank Bell
At 21, his guitar is reminiscent of blues, rockabilly, folk and punk all mashed into one, brewed with song writing that comes from the deepest parts of his soul, and a voice that sounds like whisky, cigarettes and gravel wrapped up in velvet.

Ukrainian born emerging singer/songwriter with a fresh set of songs and stories to match. Catchy, original and entertaining with a captivating presence