Boob In A Test Tube w/ Trash & The Treasures & VOTV

September 12, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm Australia/Melbourne Timezone
Mr Boogie Man BAR
Boob In A Test Tube w/ Trash & The Treasures & VOTV @ Mr Boogie Man BAR

Boob In A Test Tube, Trash & The Treasures and Valley of the Vultures Live at Mr Boogie Man BAR 12th September $10 entry (Bring Cash)

Boob In A Test Tube
“Once upon a puff of smoke, from a bong owned by a stoner called Dave, there was a molecule that floated into my mind. It drifted through my skull, out of my ear and landed in my jacket pocket, where it stayed until the day it slipped into the abyss of the couch cushions. It re-surfaced again when someone sought out change for the bus, and was passed from couch to coin to eventually come to a scientist. This scientist forgot to wash his hands after a piss and drastically cross-contaminanted his experiment.

The molecule was fused with punk and mayhem in a test tube of noise and theatrical violence. It formed a speck of noise that, to the untrained human ear, sounded like broken distortion and flatulence. This speck grew and grew until it transformed into the shape of a breast, thus creating a band we call Boob In A Test Tube.”

Trash & The Treasures
“Raucous Blues-Punk with outbreaks of danceable harp-powered groove”
T&TT combine frantic, angry punk rhythms with mighty harmonica powered blues wailing. Lyrics feature a shouty tragic protagonist who lurches between eloquent Shakespearean melodrama and snarling profanities. There are outbreaks of psychedelic jam, snatches of ska and some heavy, heavy vibes.
Somehow though it still makes you want to dance.

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Valley of the Vultures
Ever wondered what the colour purple could sound like? Meet VOTV, fronted by Sami Lee. C, with Logan on lead guitar and Andee on drums, this power house 3 piece will drag you to groove city and just keep on going. Check it