The War of Ideas

Taking a break

The War of Ideas are currently taking a break and if the planets align, they may return in 2019.

Of course the songs will live on and if you happen to catch one of Trevor Petrie’s solo shows you are bound to hear a few War of Ideas tunes.


The War of Ideas are a five piece outfit who successfully blur the lines between singer-songwriter, alternative, indie-folk, rock and pop altogether evading any categorisation.

Led by front-man Trevor Petrie, former lead singer, guitarist and principal lyricist of alternative rock group Anti Social Commentary, The War of Ideas give nothing short of dynamic, powerful and emotional performances.

Petrie (lead vocals, acoustic guitar) is accompanied by wife Frida Petrie (keys, backing vocals), Brian Hosking (drums), Steve Myers (bass) and Ben Blanks (electric guitar).

The bands debut EP “The Beauty of Solitude” features four tracks where the band explore in great detail topics such as: what it means to live in an ever-connected digital age, how to let go of your past and break free of limiting beliefs, love, loss and heartache.

The highly emotive songs with lyrics that cut like a knife, combined with soulful guitar driven tones & textures, and occasional near tribal beats are guaranteed to make you feel the raw emotion behind the songs.

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