The Healers of Hurt

Following the devastating loss of founding member Liam Thorpe, the future of The Healers of Hurt is unknown.

We are all still in shock and so terribly saddened.

We will remember Liam for his poetic songwriting, his witty humour and his unashamedly loving nature. He was a beautiful soul who will be sorely missed by us all.


Founded by Alber ‘Skip’ Skipper, Liam Thorpe, Steve Saxton and Trevor Petrie, The Healers of hurt are a group of engaging songwriters from Bendigo who not only perform their songs but also share the stories behind them, sharing along the way their experiences and thoughts on life, love and community.

With Steve Saxton stationed overseas and Skip committed to a number of other projects, Trevor and Liam invited Steph Bitter to join the group for the 2017/18 tour.


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