Steph Bitter

Influenced by artists like Josh Pyke, Daughter and John Butler, Steph Bitter is a passionate and intelligent songwriter with songs set to change the world.

Inspired by writing at a young age, it was a seeing her first concert at age 10 that sparked her desire to become a performer. Picking up the guitar at 14, a passion for the written word fast became a passion for songwriting.

Steph’s beautiful soothing voice and intricate guitarwork showcase her natural ability to create inspiring and moving works based on her experiences. She exibits an air of authenticity and integrity in each performance, leaving her audiences nothing short of inspired.

At age 15, Steph took her first songs to local Open Mic nights, quickly breaking out into playing gigs across Victoria. The release of her debut EP [First of May] at the age of just 16, caught the attention of many local musicians and music-lovers, including young Blues sensation Bill Barber, and Colin Thompson, founder of the Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival. In 2015 the festival awarded Steph with a Maton guitar, donated to the festival by Coopers, to encourage her musical endeavors.

[First of May], recorded by Bitter’s teacher/mentor, Serhiy Strazhnik, was recorded in Strazhnik’s home studio in 2015 and released 12 months later at a small, but jam-packed EP launch in Bendigo. The EP has opened many doors for her in the local and wider music scene.

Steph’s audience contiunues to grow as she ventures further from her home town, sharing her music, and capturing hearts as she climbs her way up in the music industry.

“At her core, Steph is able to capture innocence and intrigue. If she was a star, the world would be a brighter, better and more fruitful place.” – Serhiy Strazhnik

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