News and updates March 2019

Trevor Petrie

Hello there! Sorry it’s been a while.

While I haven’t managed to get our regular emails out, there’s been no shortage of activity behind the scenes here at Poppet Head Records.

Most of our artists have been busy making hay while the sun shines and playing gigs all over the state. I’ve changed more nappies than I’ve played live shows but that’s par for course.

You may have seen we recently had some website issues, don’t worry it wasn’t Russian spies trying to steal our music, just an unfortunate combination of forced updates and not yet ready plugins. Caused quite a bit of a headache really and meant I had to spend quite a bit of time rebuilding the site instead of doing something productive… like sleeping.

The good news though is we now have a leaner, faster website with some cool new pages and funky features.

New website features

  • Events: Our events page now syncs with Facebook (YAY) so if there’s a Facebook event for one of our artists’ gigs it’s practically guaranteed to show up here.
  • Bookings: You can now use our online form to book our artists for gigs, tours, house concerts or even lunch dates with your Mum. Hi Mum!
  • House Concerts: Have you ever considered hosting a house concert at your place? Not sure how they work, how many peeps to invite or how much to charge? Don’t stress, we’ve answered these hardball questions on our new house concerts page.
  • Artist Subscriptions: Yeah they broke… and broke hard… BUT FEAR NOT they’re back!!! And they’re now 100% powered by Patreon who know a thing or two about this sort of thing. You can still find artist subscriptions in our store but the links will take you over to our new Patreon page where you can support any of our artists and even the label itself. Thanks!
  • New in store: You can now purchase Rowboy’s Higher and Frank Bell’s White Horse in the store. Touchdown!


To get in on all the action, visit the events page.

The Healers of Hurt

Last October we announced that Sparrow (aka Rowboy) would be joining The Healers of Hurt. Well, The Healers of Hurt have their first show on Easter Sunday at Pomonal Estate from 2PM. Entry is free and so are the super awesome views!

Thanks for supporting local music!