Live performance of “Intersection” by Trevor Petrie

There was a lot going on in my life when I wrote this song… band break-up, moving towns, renovating and a 3 month old baby girl.

There didn’t seem to be much time for writing, singing or playing and I came very close to giving music away.

When I wrote Intersection that all changed. It was one of those stare at yourself in the mirror kind of moments. This one song got me writing again and I haven’t looked back.




I’ve been catching glimpses of my reflection
Catching glimpses of me
And why do I get the feeling
He’s not happy with who he sees?
I know I’m learning familiar lessons
Time and time again
I’m getting older but I’m none the wiser
This blindness never ends
Oh this blindness never ends

I’ve been staking claims, I’ve got growing pains
And there’s an emptiness inside
I fear I missed my calling and now I’m falling
Why can’t I put these fears aside
When will I put these fears aside

I’m judging my reflection
I hate this intersection
I’m happy when I have more time
To deal with emotions I can’t hide
I need a break from overdrive
Just want a chance to feel alive
I guess it’s now or never
Can’t be like this forever

It just can’t be like this no more

Music and lyrics by Trevor Petrie
Recorded live at Golden City Sound
© Copyright 2018 Poppet Head Records