The War of Ideas start work on new record

Trevor Petrie

We’re very excited to announce that The War of Ideas have begun work on a new record. Principle song writer, Trevor Petrie claims the band has close to 10 demos written for what will likely become a 4 track EP. Petrie assured us that we will definitely see a release from the band some time this year.

Over the past 2 years, Petrie’s band has been an ever-changing lineup, so if you need a refresher The War of Ideas are: Trevor Petrie (vocals, guitar), Brian Hosking (drums), Steve Myers (bass), Frida Petrie (keys, backing vocals) and Ben Blanks (electric guitar).

If some of those names sound familiar, that’s likely because Brian Hosking, Steve Myers, and Trevor Petrie were all members of the alternative rock band Anti Social Commentary who played throughout Victoria between 2004 – 2013, releasing 3 self produced EP’s.

The 2017 EP will be first release by “The War of Ideas”, Petrie having released Lion in the Closet, a solo album of sorts, in 2013 under the name: Trevor Petrie and The War of Ideas. It will also be the band’s first release as a 5 piece.

Connect with The War of Ideas via their Facebook page or on Twitter.